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Kent Richardson Signing Kent Richardson is a freelance researcher and writer, and a sports photographer and columnist for the Venice Cornerstone.

The Second Season by K.D. Richardson

From troubled hometown youth, to 1960's Major League Baseball All-Star, to homeless man lacking any previous memories, The Second Season chronicles the troubled life of William 'Sonny' Wilson through the eyes of Sonny's best friend, Russell Henning.

Henning shares the life and times of a young man from a severely dysfunctional Maysville, Kentucky home. A mixture of actual people and historic venues, coupled with literary suspense, spins The Second Season into an irresistible, intense drama of a man against himself as Sonny tries to find his place in life.

A fantastic tale with all the pieces that made me want to read it through from the first word to the last in one evening! Every character in The Second Season reminds me of people I know well and even the unlikable characters are likeable! --Greg DeLay

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$13.95 212 pages
Paperback Perfect Bound
ISBN-13: 978-0-9796545-5-8

When Kent began writing this book in late 1998 the working title was 'The Date Which Lives In Infamy, but the publisher, Praeger Publishing, felt the use of the word 'Infamy' had been over-used with respect to WWII titles. The book was published in 2005 as Reflections of Pearl Harbor.

Shortly into the process of collecting the first of the 170 personal accounts, Random House released Tom Brokaw's book The Greatest Generation. Kent had to make the decision whether he would continue with the manuscript, or decide if it would be an exercise in futility due to the recent release. At that point, he was twenty-five stories into the process, and decided that if the people who already contributed thought enough of the project to trust a stranger with a piece of their lives, their account of the day December 7, 1941, then he should continue on. Looking back, Generation and Reflections have little in common in that Generation focuses on the entire span of years that generation encompassed, while Reflections main focal point is the actual day of December 7, 1941 and the fallout that resulted.

So devastating was the news of attack on Pearl Harbor, to a country still in the clutches of the depression, that survivors can still recall in vivid detail nearly every aspect of that day. This collection of memories, told in the participants' own words, gathers accounts of both military and civilian people from all over the United States.

In Their Honor

In Their Honor is a collection of biographies that gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of military heroes—from privates to generals, aviation pioneers, prisoners of war, civilians, astronauts, explorers, and scientists—who either gave their lives for our country or in some way made a major contribution to our nation.

Linda Swink, a 15-year member of the U.S. Air Force, found biographic information for 524 of the men for whom the U.S. military installations have been named. Men who performed heroic deeds, demonstrated civic responsibility, or in some way gave their lives in the defense of our country.

Swink included the forts, camps, barracks, bases, and fields in the U.S. Air Force; Air National Guard; Army; Army Airfields, Stagefields, and Heliports; Army National Guard, Army Barracks and Kasernes in Germany; Army Camps in South Korea; Marine Corps; and Navy.

Retired Major General Edward J. Mechenbier, a nearly six-year prisoner of war in Vietnam, wrote in his foreword, “this book is about ordinary men who, as you will read, did great things. . . . about people whose achievements were so astounding they were memorialized by a military installation that bears their name. . . . about people who, by their individual commitment, integrity, and performance, made a difference.”

Linda Swink is a professional speaker and author and holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at El Paso. A member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International, Ms. Swink conducts workshops and seminars that focus on the special concerns women face at the lectern. Drawing on her own successful experience and pertinent advice from top female executives, Linda covers all aspects of giving a speech in her book, SPEAK WITH POWER AND GRACE, to empower any woman who wants her words to be taken seriously.

SPEAK WITH POWER AND GRACE, a woman's guide to public speaking, addresses the major concerns women face at the lectern, such as creditability , voice modulation and body image. Also included are: how to prepare a speech by asking 26 critical questions; how to practice, using 10 proven techniques; 30 rules for making and using visual aids correctly; platform techniques and etiquette for women; and how to control nervousness at the lectern.

Pauline Shirley, Past President Toastmasters International, said: A guide written by a woman for women, this book is a necessity for all women. In these times when women may think they must forsake grace for power or power for grace, this book combines the elements of effective speaking simultaneously and synonymously promulgating both qualities. Mary Pebley, former Manager of Education for the American Business Women's Association relates: Members of ABWA have told me that one of the most valuable skills they can develop is that of communication with poise and confidence, I think this book will be an effective tool for all women to do just that.


Virgil Jones became captivated with the Middle East during the fifteen years he worked and traveled there as an International Marketing director for an American company. He maintained a journal the entire time and has used it, together with his personal experiences, to articulate his writing. This is his third book, and it captures the essence of that intriguing part of the world. He has also written a screen play based on this novel.

EGO, LOVE AND VENGEANCE: Maria lives a sublime life in Beirut, Lebanon while her husband's Middle East business success brings corporate meddling and draws the attention of adversaries. While escalating civil strife forces Maria to return to her home in Dallas, her husband remains in Beirut on his company's CIA funded electronic intelligence system. He ignores Maria when she has a serious problem at home, even as he becomes entangled in complex circumstances with his beautiful and indulgent Beirut office manager. After hidden perils take their toll, Maria returns to Beirut and adopts the identity of a Lebanese woman and turns predator to carry out a mission driven by vengeance. The story gives the reader an intimate sense of the passion that pervades that ancient land. 348 page 6 X 9 paperback.


Antoinette S. Webster is a renaissance soul that has the gift of blending her work and life experiences to connect with a wide variety of people and organizations in powerful ways. As a dynamic, practical Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Coach+ and Author, Antoinette uses an integrative approach to work with individuals and groups in moving through the barriers to achieving desired results. This leads to harnessing the power of enthusiasm and co-creating a system that works for your success.

She is also President of A System that WorksSM, a speaking, training, consulting and coaching company focusing on professional and personal transformational growth and development. A System that WorksSM offers quality, practical programs, products and services that meet the needs of people and businesses, not just for today but for tomorrow as well.

Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It is based on Antoinette Webster's over 15 years experience with facilitating programs, doing research on and writing about the topic of enthusiasm.

There is more to enthusiasm than what most people think. This more involves the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us. Enthusiasm also touches every aspect of our lives, at home and work. And it is something everyone possesses.