Meetings: Hamilton Writers Guild

January 2, 2016

Present: Doug, Val, Jane, Darlene, Kent, Keith, Antoinette, Terry

Remember dues: 24 dollars for an entire year
February would be fine.

Greg Petersen will be speaking to us about ghost writing at the February meeting.

Shorter assignments would be fine, but shortcuts are not recommended.

Article on Writing:
Jane brought 10 New Year's Resolutions for Writers from the Writer unboxed by Keith Cronin. Build a skill/fill a gap hit me. I've been putting something off because of technical ignorance. Uh oh!

Word of the Month:
Shibboleth. Antoinette brought the history of the word. And, no, I had never heard it before either. I had heard of the word ado, another possibility she had considered. Much ado about nothing. Vague notions. But what does it really mean?

Interesting web site:
Remove everything in the story that will have no relevance later.

Writing Exercise: Keith asked us to pretend to be a kid writing a letter to Santa after Christmas. Were we happy with our gifts? Or not?

Dusted-off Grammar: colons Doug reminded us of colon and semi-color rules from the thin-but-vital Strunk and White "Elements of Style" bible. Okay, how casual am I with my colons? Is Strunk going to strike me down?

Book on Writing: "Book Humbug" by Rene Rutteridge. Antoinette presented fiction, an example of a well-written Christmas story


When I came home I found the e-mail from John saying that he had an injury and would not be able to come this month. He should be able to be with us next month


Claudette, I hope you are healing well. You were missed. So was Penny. I hope everyone can make it next month. That cold four-letter word beginning with an S is not welcome


FebruaryEWord of the Month: Penny

Meetings are held at the Miami University - Hamilton Campus in Mosler Hall, room 316. If you plan to attend a meeting please verify last minute changes by visiting our web site

The Guild meets the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 12:00 noon.

2008 Dr. Dennis Hensley Workshop

Dr. Dennis Hensley conducts his workshop to a rapt audience
Kent Richardson with his Order of the Quill award for his latest published book, The Second Season.  
The 2008 Hamilton Writers Guild  
February's meeting at Miami University Hamilton Campus
February meeting
Dr. Dennis E. Hensley at our December 1, 2007 meeting

Dr Hensley's workshop

Valerie L. Coleman,
author of Blended Families An Anthology,was our speaker for May.

Her topic was on the various kinds of publishing. With polished manuscript in-hand, what?s next? Self-publish? Vanity press? Print-On-Demand? Valerie provided clear and concise instructions on how to establish your publishing company. Get the inside scoop on ISBN, EAN, LCCN and EIN. Determine the best price for your book. Master self-publishing and make money!
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